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The token with next level tokenomics designed to consistantly raise the price floor supported by a dedicated and passionate team of the best Devs on BSC.

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Carefully scultped system to provide you with the best return on investment.

Buy 10% | Sell 20%

Huge Buybacks

4% to Buy Back Wallet on BUYS
10% to Buy Back Wallet on SELLS

Massive Marketing

3% to Marketing Wallet on BUYS
5% to Marketing Wallet on SELLS

It Pays to HODL

1% reflections on BUYS
2% reflections on SELLS

Higher Price Floors

1% burn on BUYS
1% burn on SELLS

1% auto liquidity on BUYS
2% auto liquidity on SELLS


The wild road ahead...

Q1 2022 - Launch

A. Start with Telegram calls.
B. Contests, giveaways, and more to keep the community engaged.
C. [REDACTED] (To be revealed Day 4)
D. Large telegram calls.
E. Twitter influencers.
F. YouTube videos.

Q2 2022 - Use Case Prototype

A. Begin working on the legality aspect of the use case.
B. Continued marketing through all popular crypto platforms.
C. CMC trending
D. Getting popular crypto influencers on board with constant promotion.

Q3 2022 - Use Case Testing

A. Start testing the use case.
B. Start marketing the use case.
C. Get upcoming projects lined up ready to use our product.

Q4 2022 - Use Case Implementation

A. Land on the moon.
B. Travel beyond the moon.

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Always the pump, never the dump. The tokenomics that work for you.

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